Our Story

The Emirates SLP Society’s idea is the result of a dream (started since 2009) of prominent speech therapists in UAE who wanted to create a safe and trusting community for speech and language pathologists.

A safe and trusting community to connect with each other and help to grow our confidence in our professional life, maintain good colleague’s relationships and better work environments for all SLPs in the UAE.

  • A Community for all of us if you’ve got a dream, a goal, a passion, an aspiration in your profession as SLP and that you want to bring to reality.
  • A Community of speech language pathologists that support & help each other grows, to inspire and enlighten each other through genuine feedback.
  • A community that helps to acknowledge the great impact that SLPs in the UAE create in their patients’ lives.
  • A community that thrives to improve the quality of services provided to its patients in the UAE and the region.

“I would like to share with you a personal story that contributed to the birth of the active realization of the idea. The idea came after a trip to Portugal/Europe where I met with SLPs from all over the world during a conference in October 2016.

What specifically attracted my attention was the friendly environment and camaraderie attitude that the Portuguese/European SLPs have towards each other, also the continued education and trainings they had at two steps from their door while we have to travel miles and miles to be updated on latest techniques and research.

I asked them what was the secret behind this success in unifying the colleagues and ensuring their continued trainings and education.
And the answer was that they have a very much united SLP community here in Portugal/Europe through the Portuguese/European association.
I left the conference with the dream of creating same environment for our profession in the UAE; a welcoming country of equal opportunities!

As soon as I came back from my trip, I contacted the group of the active SLPs in the UAE and here we are today all together united and actively flourishing our profession through the first, one and only legal body representing the speech language pathology profession in the UAE!”

Ms. Sara BaChar, ESLPS President and Founder

The achievements and impact the ESLPS is having today are beyond the imagination we thought of back in 2009 or even in 2016!

The ESLPS today is not only a heartfelt place for the SLPs in the UAE, but also is positively changing the future of the profession in the Emirates and the region leading to better community awareness and assuring the best services quality in support of the patients and their families too, among other great impacts and achievements.

These achievements would not have been possible without the immense commitment, true efforts and hard work of the ESLPS board of directors.

It is very important to know also that without the UAE Government support in all aspects and at the highest level, the ESLPS would not have endured and existed even!


To BE internationally recognized as the professional society for Speech Language Pathologists in UAE


To advance and represent the interest of the SLPs & their clients
To increase awareness about the SLP profession and improve the quality of SLP services in UAE


To perform a number of important functions for the community, including research, education, and advocacy

Core Values

Leadership, Commitment, Quality, Integrity, Ethics

A Community of speech language pathologists

Support & help each other grows, to inspire and enlighten each other through genuine feedback

Meet Our Team


Sara BaChar


Mayssoun Jaber


Michèle Nader

Zakkiya Patel

Zakkiya Patel

Rhea el achkar

Rhea Al Achkar