• How can I become a member of the ESLPS?
  • How can I renew my membership?
  • I am a speech language pathologist relocating to the UAE with my family, how can I practice my profession over there? Is a license required?

    To be able to practice in the UAE, a license is a must. For Dubai’s license please click here

    For Abu Dhabi’s license, please click here

  • Does the ESLPS regulate the speech language pathology profession in UAE?

    The profession of SLP is currently regulated by the the licensing authorities in the UAE. However the ESLPS is currently working on developing code of ethics and practice guidelines in collaboration with the licensing authorities to improve the regulation process of the profession in the UAE.

  • I am a speech language pathologist and need to renew my license; I need CME points. Where can I get information regarding events and conferences in the region offering CME?

    ESLPS provides updated information regarding CME, conferences and events. Becoming a member will assist you in accessing this information and ESLPS members’ discounts are offered on courses, conferences providing CMEs. (Become a Member)

  • I am a parent of a child needing speech and language pathology services, we relocating to UAE, where can I get the information to find a speech and language pathologist specialized in specific areas?

    Please contact us and we can send you the information of ESLPS members who have indicated a specialty within the field of speech and language pathology.

  • Is telepractice legal and regulated in UAE?

    On September 16th 2020, the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) had issued the Standards on Tele-Medicine, defining the requirements to provide these services by the licensed healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi to ensure quality of service. Click here for further information.

    Dubai Health Authority (DHA) had also issued the Standards for Tele-Health to set the requirements for provision of these services within DHA licensed facilities. Click here for further information.

  • Would it be ok for a speech and language pathology provider from outside the UAE to provide service?

    The Law requires that if a healthcare service is to be provided in Abu Dhabi directly to a patient, then the provider has to be licensed in Abu Dhabi.

  • Is Arabic a requirement for speech and language pathology opportunities and job offers in UAE?

    It is not a requirement for licensing (click here for Dubai and here for Abu Dhabi), however it depends on the employment opportunity. UAE is an international community with many different cultures and languages. Arabic is the official language of the UAE and English is widely spoken.

  • Can the ESLPS assist in the process of licensing?

    The ESLPS can provide you with the links for licensing with the respective licensing bodies in the UAE. Further information regarding the process is available from the licensing bodies’ websites. (Click here for Dubai, and here for Abu Dhabi). However, if you have any questions and/or concerns during your licensing process, please send an email to cultural-chairperson@eslps.org

  • I am a student in Speech Language Pathology and I would like to conduct training in UAE, can the ESLPS guide me on this matter?

    The ESLPS can assist you with information to contact the relevant facility or put you in contact with a therapist specializing in the field you would like to train in through their member data.

  • I am an SLP and interested in volunteering with the ESLPS, will be possible even if I’m not yet licensed?

    All Therapists practicing in the UAE should be a member of ESLPS to be able to volunteer.

  • How to become a volunteer with the ESLPS?

    In order to volunteer with ESLPS, you can either be part of the Special Interest Groups (please send an email to scientific-chairperson@eslps.org) or/and part of the cultural committee (please send an email to cultural-chairperson@eslps.org).

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